Star Wars Trilogy

Original Motion Picture Soundtracks by John Williams. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra

Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi

For over 30 years, composer/conductor John Williams has been one of the most prolific and renowned film score creators in Hollywood. For many of his fans, the music he recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra for the Star Wars saga has been — and will remain — his masterpiece. This 4-disc collection released in 1993 was the most complete version of the Original Soundtrack recordings to date and allows listeners to enjoy and appreciate the evolution of the music.

I designed this box set using the traditional graphic art skills of typesetting, mechanical overlays, stat cameras and good ol’ fashion rubber cement and X-Acto Blades 11. I was very fortunate (and privileged) that George Lucas had given me access to a wealth of images for use in designing this wonderful anthology. Visualizing the story of John Williams “making the music” was my focus and I utilised countless behind the scenes photos and storyboard artwork, most of which had never been seen before by the public. A lavish 64 page booklet was also designed which discussed the history and influence John Williams’ music has had on the movie music industry, as well as critically describing the thematic elements of the score allowing listeners to enjoy and appreciate the evolution of the music… and for me one of the last projects I designed pre-computer. The effect is, as John Williams clearly intended, a very operatic and vivid experience.