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Mary Duff “Changing Lanes” released on ISG Records is produced by Pete Ware and Steve Milne. Recorded in Ireland, UK and USA. Nashville Music Director: Danny Parks. Available from May 2016. Purchase from Amazon or CD World Ireland

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Mary Duff

Changing Lanes

Mary Duff is an Irish Country sensation well known internationally. Her phenomenal talent as a singer, together with the great stage presence and charisma, is a testimony of her quietly powerful and captivating persona. There is a genuine warmth about this lady that touches all who come into contact with her, and she enjoys a dedicated, very supportive fan following.  With 28 years in the music industry to date, Mary is viewed as an accomplished, polished, and highly respected professional performer. While doing an album of covers may have seemed safe, Mary’s chose instead to feature her unique voice on songs written by the world’s greatest songwriters from Ireland and the USA. Garth Brooks has 2 songs on this album including the single “Mr. Noble” along with songs from Nashville #1 hit songwriters Kent Maxson among many other top songwriters.

In the process of finding her own sound and identity as a recording artist, experimenting on different sounds and different styles, Mary required photography and visual design to represent her beautiful music correctly.  As the title indicates, she was heading in a new direction.. and changing lanes. To ensure it appealed to the Country Music target market, the art direction called for an organic feel to evoke emotion, portray personal stories and embody the musical roots. The design and photography was to be classic and nostalgic. Working with photographer Mark Russell-Hill, we portrayed Mary in a natural, toned down to earth way, relaxed in her native Irish countryside. Through the use of Letterpress typography, distressed texturing, ambient lighting and a vintage Rolls Royce, the theme of moving on and driving forward was created to appeal to existing fans and country music lovers worldwide.


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