Mary Duff

Mr. Noble CD Single

Irish country-folk singer Mary Duff is best-known as the musical partner of popular easy listening crooner Daniel O’Donnell, but is also responsible for a rather prolific solo career of her own. Mary Duff has been at the top of the European Country music tree for more than three decades. This original song was released on the new ISG Records label, an offshoot of the International Songwriters Guild. It features Mary’s first single from “Changing Lanes” her first ever all original international collection of songs.  With a new direction and focus on a more organic styled music offering for Mary, this project beckons a visual interpretation of the story, the music and the lyric. Written by none other than Kent Maxson and Garth Brooks who’s - stated that its “beautiful… just beautiful”. Produced by Pete Ware and Steve Milne. Recorded in Ireland, UK and USA. Nashville Music Director: Danny Parks

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