Album Cover Design

25+ years experience in design for the music and entertainment industry.

From independent releases to major label recordings.

  • Star Wars Trilogy - Original Film Score by John Williams
    Star Wars Trilogy
  • The Allman Brothers Band - Hell & High Water
    The Allman Brothers Band
  • Mary Duff "Changing Lanes" Album Cover
    Mary Duff
  • Mary Duff - Mr. Noble CD Single
    Mary Duff
  • The Stonecold Hobos
  • Mine Road - Satellite
    Mine Road
  • Juliet Turner - Season of the Hurricane
    Juliet Turner
  • Paul Gallagher - Long Time Coming
    Paul Gallagher
  • Maria Butterly - Blue Mandolin CD Single
    Maria Butterly
  • Hoffa - Original Score
  • Johnny Gray - The Crooked Finger
    Johnny Gray
  • Yomo & Maulkie - Are U Xperienced?
    Yomo & Maulkie
  • Wooley Godwin
    Wooley Godwin
  • Every Mothers Nightmare - I Hate Myself CD
    Every Mothers Nightmare
  • Benny Volance - That's What I'm Talkin' About
    Benny Volance
  • Fat Opie - Hipsters, Freaks, Fags & Homeboys
    Fat Opie
  • Aztlan Alternativo
    Aztlan Alternativo

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